Chaos: The emptiness, the infinity/the great upheaval/the ultimate orderliness

The multiple use of the word chaos in mathematics, in common parlance and “art” constitutes a base for the development of something tangible. Independently of its philosophical adaptation, chaos has been preceded of everything (as a Hesiodian description), and it has also a theogonian capability. Pre-science man considered that chaos had already been existed before the physical order, as well as everything emerged from it. That gave thus the potentiality to this “nothing” be at the same time the source of everything. The illustration of chaos figure came through the deciphering of symbols and concepts, from the world of mathematics or in the gnostic level of ecstasy. I am putting science as a basis to depict chaos (the ancient primitive vacuum fron which all emerged) yet intermediate the exist between “belief” and “becoming”. I represent chaos in two, mixed technique pieces, functioning the axons X and Y, as gates, as evidences. This creative ritual consists from mathematical terms, vague geometric patterns and symbols. The oxymoron between the “thema” and the “result”, has been created out of orderlines and zero “coincidences”.

The postures and the titles of the artwork are testifying their own concept. Inside could be observed inorderly positioned symbols exposing chaos as mathematical, scientific and religious concept.