​Periapsis project started as  an endeavour to get the Greek audience in touch with Concept art. It was the first time that an exhibition as such was held  in a Greek Gallery and presented in the Greek audience. Artworks used for  the design and development of an idea were presented in the exhibition attempting to communicate the idea of Concept art. Having created a narrative / metaphor  as well as an  identification of the situation we live these days, it is presented  with a Sci-fi view and  reviewed as a visual brainstorming of  ideas  concepts, designs and images into a unified aesthetic. In other words Periapsis project is a scenario brought to public  inviting it to discover the essence of concept art through a series of designs and storytelling. The project addresses the issue of conflict between man and the supernatural and comment on the tendency of human nature to embellish and beautify the unknown, complete knowledge gaps with familiar phenomena, labeling the unapproachable as alien, dangerous and unknown. The events takes place in a hypothetical future where technology has reached the point of allowing  the man to see beyond the hitherto known optical spectrum. People perceive visual signals in the sky reminiscent of angelic figures.

Periapsis narrates and illustrates the interaction of this phenomenon  with  human nature and  Presents the results of this contact by dividing it into three thematic sections of a chronology.

In “Fall of Lucifer” represented the fall of an angelic figure in a modern city. The seats of the inverted Pentagram rotated in space and create light rays casting out from the impact point. Rust comes to tie the sculpture as a single piece of metal, and simultaneously highlight the concepts of faded glory, negligence, damage and destruction.

Periapsis is a visual representation of a Journal Development. It is an project initiated  by Irene Pouliassi in the original idea of Kyriakos Bournas and his art and is supported by the Univercity of Western Macedonia.