Conjecture (con•JEC•ture) – a conclusion reached by using inductive reasoning.

Conjecture is a one-man post-industrial project started in 2013 by Vasilis Angelopoulos in an attempt to create dark-ambient and industrial vibes to follow his exhibitions. He released his first album “Enter The Grove”
in 2014 through Ars Nocturna label. Later the same year he joined Raumklang’s Roster to release his next 3 albums. In 2017 he joined the Bulgarian underground label Amek for 3 releases. In 2021 he joined the Polish Independent label Zoharum to release his latest release “HYDRA”. His music roughly stays in a fixed musical pattern and is easily shifting between different genres and concepts. Using mostly hardware synthesizers, metal sheets, piezo microphones, DIY impulse responses “collected” from abandoned buildings, and tape manipulation expresses his manifestos upon human existence, religious folklore stereotypes, and transcendence
through archetypal rituals, body deconstruction, human subtraction, and murder.
His live performances constitute a combination of sound mixing and visual arts, using doubled projections
and sculpture installing.



Interview @ Kultura (BG)
​Interview @ Last Day Deaf
Interview @ Press Pop