Conjecture (con•JEC•ture) – a conclusion reached by using inductive reasoning.

Existing since 2013, Conjecture is the personal music/sound design project of the visual artist Vasilis Angelopoulos. With its experiments moving between different genres and concepts of the post-industrial underground, using mostly hardware synthesizers, metal sheets, piezo microphones, DIY impulse resposes “collected” from abandoned buildings, and tape manipulation, to express his manifestos upon human existence, religious folklore stereotypes and transcendence through archetypal rituals, body deconstruction, human subtraction and murder. The live performances constitute a combination of sound and visual arts, using doubled projections ,sculptures and audio-visual installations.

Hydra, 2021 (Zoharum)
∫V, 2020 (Amek Collective)
V, 2019 (Amek Collective)
My Body, Your Temple, 2017 (Raumklang Music, Amek Collective)
Urbanitarianism, 2017 (Raumklang Music)
Nunavut, 2015 (Raumklang Music)
Enter The Grove, 2014 (Ars Nocturna)

Siva Six – Ghost Dance (Conjecture Remix)
Null404 – WhitchHunter (Conjecture Remix)
Das Noir – A new Day Of Fear (Conjecture Remix)
The Man & His Failures – The Dagger (Conjecture Remix)
Devil’s Breath – Anarchy (Conjecture Remix)
Mytrip – Filament (Conjecture Remix)
Bouquiniste – Fields of Silence (DA-damaged remix by Conjecture)
Lith – Hiroshima (24 hours later remix by Conjecture)
Aevin – Sodnoh (Conjecture Remix)
L.A.L. – Gebetsruf (Conjecture Remix)

M.A.D. Compilation // Conjecture – Mathiew 6:19:21
Protos Orofos 10 // Conjecture – M45
Elektroanschlag 2017 // Conjecture – Geburah
Snowflakes VIII // Conjecture & Lith – Komorebi
Hypotaxia // Conjecture – Tupilaq
Wrongpad Compilation // Conjecture – Neither Nest Or Hive
To Stand Stady Like Spears And Never Give Up // Conjecture – Ground Offensive



Interview @ Kultura (BG)
​Interview @ Last Day Deaf
Interview @ Press Pop